Fully Sculpted / retopologized / 4k PBR Textured / Game Ready - Human Skeleton and Cage.

I got the idea for this project after seeing an enemy from Devil May Cry 2 that was a skeleton warrior with
a torture cage around it. I thought that was neat so I decided to make it into a high res PBR textured model.

This has has been the most difficult, tedious and time consuming project I've ever finished.
I learned a ton about the skeletal system after having to meticulously sculpt each bone.
The challenge was well worth it as I feel the final render came out how I wanted it and I definitely learned more and I thought I would ;)

Sculpted in Zbrush
Retopologized in Maya
Textured in Substance Painter
Rendered in Marmoset

I hope you enjoy it :')

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